Snapchat Numbers Meaning | Increase Your Snapchat Scores

Snapchat Numbers Meaning | Increase Your Snapchat Scores

Numbers on Snapchat; What do they depict and mean?

Snapchat is the new ‘IN’ thing, with sending stories and snaps and chats. People have a lot of fun on snap chat. Still, almost all would agree that Snapchat is quite confusing. Whether a person is using Snapchat since a long time or a newbie like me, Snapchat is difficult to understand. There are a lot of numbers on the Snapchat interface of the very user and no one exactly knows how they are derived. Only the makers of Snapchat can actually tell the Snapchat number meaning.

Why is Snapchat confusing?


Snapchat is confusing, firstly, because it uses a specialized scoring system for Snapchat users. Now, why would any social media app give scores to users, I mean what is the use of it? Or is it beneficial? Does it even serve a purpose? The answers to all these questions remain unknown. The makers of Snapchat have said that the Snapchat score is dependent on many factors;

  • The number of snaps sent and received.
  • The number of Snapchat stories posted.
  • The number of Snapchat stories reviewed.
  • The number of friends added
  • Other factors.

What those other factors mean are still hidden and we do not know the exact meaning of them. However, they use a specific equation for the calculation of the Snapchat score in which many factors are involved. The only thing we know is that the more you use Snapchat, the more your score increases. Some people take it as a competition, some as a game and some are indifferent to the score. The scores are refreshed on a weekly basis and they may deviate to any end, the scores can also decrease overnight. However, we can explain you about the Snapchat number meanings.

What is Snapchat number meaning?


There are many numbers written on the Snapchat app and on its interface. Each Snapchat number has different meanings. The main Snapchat number meanings are defined. When you open the Snapchat app, you need to click on the Snapchat icon on the top left-hand corner. When you select it, you get to see your snap code and your user ID. Right next to your user ID is your Snapchat score. The depiction and meaning of the Snapchat score have been discussed above. Each Snapchat user has a different Snap chat score. To see your friend’s Snapchat score you need to click on the chat button on the bottom left corner. You will see a list of your friends, select any one of them. On the top left corner, you will see three horizontal lines, by clicking on them you will get to see your friend’s snap code, user ID, and Snapchat score.

Another important Snapchat number meaning is that when you open the chat box on the bottom left corner. There are 2 numbers separated by a line on the top. The number on the left means the number of chats you have sent to your friends and the number on the right is the number of chats you have received.

Another Snapchat number meaning is on your stories page. You can select stories on the bottom right-hand corner or just swipe to the right to directly go to the stories page. On the top, you will see stories written. Below it would be written ‘My Story’. On the right side of ‘My Story’ are three vertical dots. Click on that to see all the snaps of your story.  Besides each snap, there is a number with a purple eye. This number means the number of people who have viewed your snap. When you tap on the purple eye, you will get to see the friends who have viewed your snap.

These were some of the main Snapchat number meanings, which we have explained. We will regularly update our readers about more meanings and tips about snap chats. For now, some of your Snapchat queries are cleared.

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