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Sears Holdings came into existence to help its country’s citizen live a good life and also support their family. There are numerous programs that they offer related to health e.g. hospital visits, medicines, psychological aid and drug rehab; dental services, revenue substitution in the occurrence of a complete disability within 20 weeks, saving plans for post-retirement life, concession benefits, personal off days,  education loans, adoption services, business travel indemnification for forfeiture of an appendage or vision and so on. You can make an account and use 88Sears Associate Login for regular checks on your membership.

These are the steps you need to go through in order to put your name down easily:

  1. Go to 88sears.com and locate the ‘enroll’ or ‘change coverage’ option which you’ll find in the coverage section.
  2. Click on the Log on tab.
  3. Register yourself by simply putting in your social security number.
  4. Next up, you’ll either need to insert your birth date or your postal zip code.
  5. You’ll put in a password now. This, you will use repeatedly to sign in and for further services so make sure you remember it. It’s even better to note it down in your phone or on a paper so there’s no chance of losing it.
  6. Your account has been made and now you can use the 88Sears Associate Login anytime.
  7. Open your account and check out all the benefits you can achieve.

We’ll also decipher for you how to register yourself into the Retirement Benefits program which is the most popular one by this company:

  1. Go to 88sears.com and locate the Pension and 401(k) savings plan.
  2. You will see links to all the benefits they are offering.
  3. You will see an enrollment option on the page.
  4. Once you open it, there shall be a few boxes of information that you’ll need to fill and you’re good to go.

It is important to note that you can make this account 24/7/ at 88Sears Associate Login. The first day on the third month after your hiring date is when you become entitled to sign up.


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