5 Best and Cheap GoPro Alternatives 2017 | GoPro Action Camera Alternatives

5 Best and Cheap GoPro Alternatives 2017 | GoPro Action Camera Alternatives

Gone are the days when people used to film and make videos using standard cameras, holding them in their hands and wearing the strings on the neck. It used to be a tiring task. Then came the master of all cameras, the GoPro action camera. They built their action cameras in such a way, that it could be easily attached to helmets, cars or any other object for that matter. Also, they are small and tough. The handy and portable square box like action cameras are easy to carry and have made lives easier for many.


GoPro became a brand in no time after the invention of their portable action camera. It brought the action videos to the real-life mainstream. Action cameras are famous with sportsmen or even newscasters when they want to film their live and happening sports video such as car racing, mountain climbing, underwater diving or dangerous trekking.  After the invention of the GoPro action camera, other companies also started inventing similar products and there came many GoPro alternatives in the market. No doubt that GoPro had become the market leader, but still, everyone cannot afford the pricey GoPro action cameras, hence the need for GoPro alternatives. Below is a list of the 5 best action cameras which are GoPro alternatives.

Olympus TG-Tracker


This is one of the best GoPro alternatives, it has very similar features when compared to GoPro action cameras. Its video resolution reaches to 4K at 30fps and has the best resolution for slow-motion capture which is 240fps and 720p. It has a wide lens and a battery life up to 3 hours, depending on the usage. It has built-in sensors which make it a ready for an action camera. The best feature is that it is waterproof for up to the 30-metre depth and can stand temperatures up to -10 degree. It also has a built-in thermometer and a barometer. It is the best for all adventure action filming as it is shockproof and freezeproof.

Polaroid Cube+


The polaroid cube+ is also a great action camera with its 8mp camera and a 124-degree lens of a camera which supports video filming in both slow and fast motion. It is an affordable alternative with its compact and sturdy features. The battery life is 2 hours and also has a built-in wifi. It can be waterproof till 30m depth.



It is a very small action camera that has many built-in features suitable for an action camera and is the most portable of all. It includes a time lapse mode so one can capture many time lapse images and videos. The camera resolution is not very high. It does not have waterproofing option nor does support a wifi or Bluetooth. The battery life is up to one hour but one can record videos while charging. It can mount on a bike, or an aerial object, even on a USB cable.

Sony FDR X1000V


It is one of the best GoPro alternatives. It has a high-resolution video and picture quality. It has many options which include capturing videos at all light levels and captures up to 170 degrees smooth videos at even low light resolution, so one can imagine the quality at higher light levels. It is waterproof and shock proof. It has 4K recording strength and is best for sportsmen as the resolution is as clear as a crystal without any blur and with smooth and clear shots. The best features it sports is a steady shot technology so even at a very high-speed level such as speeding cars or drones, the quality will be vibration and blur-free. It has a built-in mic for the best audio quality.

Tom Tom Bandit


This waterproof action camera packed with a series of the lens and a lens swap technology has built sensors which record speed as well as the gravity force. So, this has the ability to automatically start recording videos once the action starts. Just a shake and the Bandit will spring into action. A still resolution of up to 16 MP and a battery life of up to 3 hours, with a fascination 4K video resolution, this is one of the best GoPro alternatives at an affordable price range.

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