Top 12 Best Clock widgets for Android 2017

Top 12 Best Clock widgets for Android 2017

The android tablet or phone is the most complex form of technology, encompassing it with applications that one could have once dreamt of, but now are available at the click of fingers. You can customize everything on your android according to your taste and wishes. An important widget on an android phone is the one which tells us the most important aspect of our life, the time of the day.

Some people love to add widgets on their androids while some don’t, but everyone checks the time multiple times in a day. There are many clock widgets for android available on play store, which are trendy, attractive and sophisticated. So, before you head over to play store to download, read below our list of the top 12 clock widgets for android.

1. Chronus: home and lock widgetChronus-home-and-lock-widget

It is the most simplistic form of clock widget for android. It offers customization such as color change of date and time and it can match with any theme or wallpaper you like in your android. It shows all the important things like time, weather, battery, and date. You can even customize it to show what you prefer on your home screen.

To Download Click Here.

2. DIGI clock widgetDIGI-clock-widget

This is the most common form of clock widget as it shows you time purely. But, it offers many customizations such as the change in background themes and wallpapers, you can even select any picture for the background. Plus, it has many options of font colors and the time display. Also, there are a variety of different fonts to choose from.

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3. Ultimate custom clock widgetUltimate-custom-clock-widget

This clock widget is for those who do not prefer any sort of clock widgets from the play store and would like to create a unique one. You can create your own customized clock widget, changing colors, fonts, placement and graphics without having prior knowledge of graphics. You can customize it according to your own needs and add weather information, day, hours, seconds and even battery information. This will require a lot of patience and some design ideas.

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4. D-clock widgetD-clock-widget

This clock widget for android is the most practical one. This does not use up much space and has a 3D clock effect. It is for those who prefer to use it instantly. Match a wallpaper with and select either a light or dark colored clock and you are ready to go.

To Download Click Here.

5. Minimalist clock widgetMinimalist-clock-widget

This is for those who prefer to keep their clock widgets minimalistic and modern. You can choose from the 20 beautiful clock widget styles and change the font and colors according to your preferences, it even shows the weather forecast and battery update.

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6. Retro clock widgetRetro-clock-widget

This clock widget for android is one of the oldest clock widgets on playstore. There have been over millions of downloads for this retro clock widget, probably because of its simplicity. It uses the traditional flip system for time change. It has two types of widgets which go well with light and dark colored backgrounds. This widget also shows the weather information as well as alarm clock notification.

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7. Round clock widgetRound-clock-widget

This is a very stylish and classy clock widget available. It includes 20 different styles of round clocks and also many different kinds of fonts. It is very simple and attractive. It has a second circle animation that makes it very classy.

To download Click Here.

8. Dashclock widgetDashclock-widget

This type of clock widget is for those people who are always on the go, have a tight schedule and are mostly business oriented people. This widget will transform your android into an extraordinary device. This widget along with time, weather and battery, will also notify you about missed calls, unread emails, unread text messages and your scheduled appointments from calendar.

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9. Onca clock widgetOnca-clock-widget

This widget is simple and beautiful. It is a bit complicated clock widget but that is what makes it so stylish. Initially, looking at the time might be difficult to get used to. The number in the middle of the circle denotes the hour, the outline shaded of the circle denotes the minutes while the blue dot which is orbiting around the circle shows the seconds. Once you get used to it, this will be the best widget for you.

To Download Click Here.

10. Clock NowClock-Now

This clock widget for android is inspired by the google clock widget interface. It is a classy and simple widget for your android which is ad-free, plus you can add many other important widgets along with it. It does not offer much customization.

To Download Click Here.

11. Simple digital clock widgetSimple-Digital-Clock-widget

I have added this clock widget in the list because of its user friendliness and its simplistic way of use. It will provide all the basic information all the clock widgets for android are portraying. It has a simple and decent design with only 2 designs of clock widgets, plus it’s ad-free.

To Download Click here.

12. One more clock widget freeOne-more-clock-widget-free

This clock widget has many designs and varieties to offer. It is for those people who easily get bored with their clock widget interface every few days and want a new look.

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