Top 12 Best Emoji Apps for Android 2017

Top 12 Best Emoji Apps for Android 2017

Emoji app for Android; decoded

If you love to add the perfect emojis to your conversations, the Emoji app for Android is here to end all your worries! There is more than one wonderful app to answer all your queries and bring forth a wide range of emojis to choose from:


The customer friendliness is suave and natural and the keyboard comes with an array of awesome characteristics like vivacious emotion GIFs, clip arts, animated icons, humorous texting images and GIF signs.

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Discussing the Emojidom Smileys app as a domain of smileys wouldn’t be incorrect. It features above 4,000 exclusive and hilarious HD smileys and emojis to use over a varied variety of podiums. If you’re fascinated by elective packages you can earn coins for free and use them to make your personal smileys collection better and more unique than anyone else.

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3. EMOJI KEYBOARD PROEmoji-Keyboard-pro

Emoji Keyboard pro is a completely efficient Emoji app for Android that together with permitting you to modify the keyboard to your liking, also offers you with loads of Emoji innate for easy incorporation. When associated to the internet, you can use the keyboard to hunt for GIFs that you can use right from within the app without any additional costs.

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Fleksy keyboard has some emojis you won’t discover in other apps, making this one fit enough for at least trying. And more, the Fleksy keyboard is ostensibly the quickest Android keyboard everywhere so delivers twofold advantages to those who use it.

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5. SWYPESwype

Swype is a recognized keyboard app for Android that likewise comprises of a vast databank of emoji and a precise emoji keyboard for ease of use. The app examines how you use the keyboard and constructs itself to the whole kit and caboodle.

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6. KeyMojiKeyMoji

Emoji app for android is like the flawless lexicon of your desired emojis. If you’re not really emoji-knowledgeable and have not much acquaintance about what each emoji accounts for, then KeyMoji is the seamless app for you since it will show you accurately what each emoji signifies.

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7. IMOJIImoji

Want to see your face or your friend’s face as an emoji? Then you don’t have to hope for that to any further extent because now you can effortlessly do so on your smartphones. Just get the Emoji app and start generating your personal emojis and labels and reveal them to your friends through messages.

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It is an entertaining new special diary app for your smartphone where you can speak down your everyday contemplations and concepts but with a distinctive novel kink. You can use correlated smileys and emoticons to define your sentiment.


With CoolSymbols Emotion Keyboard, you can “quick input over 3000 emoji, emoticons, smiley, sticker and text face suitably all over the place like in a message, text, electronic mail etc.

10. SMS RAGE FACESsms-rage-faces

This Emoji app for Android is for people who are wretched of keying texts! Rage faces allow you to direct superficially hand-drawn expressions that have humanoid jargons that convey messages with exact meaning.
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11. EmojiyoEMojiyo

When you want to modify your emojis and organize them in an appropriate instruction for yourself then you want an app that essentially lets you do so. You can get dissimilar emoji packs for your smartphone and finest of all; you can even make your own amalgamations of emojis and keep them for late usage.


Chat Smileys & Emoji bids the right to use more than 4,000 emoji, cartoons, pictures and else. The interface is glossy, the variety enormous and the capability to personalize them mammoth.
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Emoji app for Android has been exceptional in satisfying customers! So which one is your favorite?

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