12 Best VR Apps| Best Virtual Reality Apps for Google Cardboard

12 Best VR Apps| Best Virtual Reality Apps for Google Cardboard

In this age of fast-paced technology and new inventions and discoveries every other day, VR is the next big thing. VR means Virtual Reality, which is what you experience when you are watching something on your laptop or android. Virtual reality will make you feel as if you are actually there experiencing everything first hand, but, virtually.


How to watch the best VR apps

You must be thinking that not everyone can afford the expensive HTC Viv or the Oculus Rift to have a virtual reality experience. Yes, all these virtual reality gadgets are overpriced, but after the emergence of the affordable Google Cardboard, every person can have a virtual reality experience and enjoy the best VR apps. Your android phone or iPhone is also a virtual reality headset when paired with the Google Cardboard. So, head to the store or go online to order your Google Cardboard to enjoy a virtual reality experience.

List of the best VR Apps

There are many apps for this purpose, listed below are the best VR Apps until now. Read below and select the one that is best for you to have a virtual reality experience.

1. YouTubeYoutube

YouTube is one of the best VR Apps. Not many of you know that the YouTube app which is already installed on your phone has the option of 360 degrees video watching. So now you can have a virtual reality experience easily. Search for virtual reality optimized videos on YouTube and enjoy.

2. Google Cardboard Appgoogle-cardboard

After getting the Google Cardboard gear, the first thing you need to install is the Google Cardboard App. This app has many options and new apps to download. Initially, you will face difficulty, but once you get the hang of it, you will start enjoying it. Thanks to Google maps, you can visit the Disney World and many places in the whole world, but, virtually. So, put on your Google Cardboard and take a trip to your favorite destination.

3. ExpeditionsExpeditions-vr

This is another best VR app which is both Google and iOS optimized. It has more than 200 places and destinations where you can experience the sceneries, landscapes, landmarks and water areas. You will be amazed at the beauty nature has preserved for us. This is an educational app and you can learn many things from it and do your projects and assignments much better.

4. Google Streetviewgoogle-streetview

This is also one of the best VR apps which is very useful for ways and areas. For instance, if you want to reach somewhere and you do not know the whereabouts of it, you can use this virtual reality app for proper navigation. It will be as if you are actually on the streets and will reach your destination much quicker and easily.

5. RYOT VRRyot

This is another app designed for virtual reality features. This app takes you to the world of unknown and unseen. Deserted areas, lost countries, places never occupied by the real world. It takes you to the areas of mass destruction, such as where the earthquake occurred or volcanoes have erupted and highlight serious issues of war, famine, deserts and extreme poor lifestyle so the world knows what is actually happening in the rest of the world.

6. Google Camera Appgoogle-camera-app

This VR app lets you view your own photos and videos from your gallery in 3D mode. So now you can relive memories and go back in the past when you made the videos.

7. OrbulusOrbulus

This app is designed to give information of the unknown. It lets you see the pictures and shots from the space and of orbits and lets you see the lesser known regions of the world.

8. InMindinmind

This is another amazing VR app designed to take you in a person’s brain. You get to experience and visit the thoughts and processes going in the person’s mind and all the game of neurons, blood, veins and cells. You will be amazed at the virtual reality experience of this app.

9. NYT VRnyt-vr

This app is designed for you to see documentaries and art movie clips. Those who love to see the real life of people and want to experience first hand, then this best VR app is designed for them. You will get to know what is happening in different regions around the world.

10. Discovery VRdiscovery-vr

Those interested in discovering new stuff or learning new subjects of myth and facts. Subjects such as cancer, AIDS, Somalian countries, underwater areas, discovering new medicines or new species. This app focuses on highlighting important subjects and uploads a daily dose of short videos, commentaries, and documentaries.

11. VR Horror Moviesvr-horror-movies

So, you love to watch horror movies, but after experiencing horror movies in a virtual reality mode, you will never be the same. Be ready to experience ghosts, monsters, dark knights, scary caves and rooms, psycho killers in your own house and get ready for the scare of your lifetime. Some of these include chair in a room and sisters.

12. VR Gamesvr-games

There are also many virtual reality games in which when you play, you are mesmerized by the reality features and then it becomes an actual conquest and goal rather than just a game.

These were some of the best VR apps, but the list does not end here, there are much more.

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