Nintendo fans can play their favorite games now on the smartphone: Drastic DS Emulator

Drastic DS Emulator is an emulator application uniquely intended for Android. It is created under the flag of Exophase. Drastic DS Emulator is intended for Nintendo on Android and now you can without much of a stretch play Nintendo recreations on your cell phones. It has a heap of new highlights and changes which you won’t discover in some other emulator.

What you can do with Drastic DS Emulator?


With this application you can enhance the designs of an amusement more than it really has; this element comes convenient to the quick cell phones. You can utilize this application in the picture or scene mode as you need it to be. You can undoubtedly spare your amusements anyplace you need with spare state. Additionally you can curve your Nintendo amusements with the large number of cheat codes. There is a choice that you can spare your amusements with the Google drive so you don’t need to spare it on your card. Another component worth specifying is that you can quick forward to expand the copying of this application. By and large this application is exceptionally valuable on the off chance that you need to play Nintendo diversions on your cell phones.


What is Drastic DS emulator?


Drastic DS emulator is a shut source emulator for the Nintendo DS made by Exophase. From the GP32X/OpenPandora people group. It is made to keep running on the Open Pandora linux handheld gaming PC, and went for giving a superior contrasting option to low-fueled equipment. Drastic DS emulator was first discharged on February 15, 2013 and is at present effectively being developed. It as of now bolsters dynamic recompilation and multithreaded programming rendering, many diversions keep running at full speed while different recreations are still to be advanced so as to run, more up to date forms of emulator additionally bolster designs channels and have broad database of cheat codes. Since the Open Pandora handheld has adequate determination and in addition touch-screen capacity, both DS screens can be shown on the single Open Pandora screen and the touch ability is straightforwardly imitated with the stylus of the Open Pandora.


Features of Drastic DS Emulator

  • Impressive emulator particularly created for Android
  • Can effortlessly play Nintendo on your cell phones
  • Improve the illustrations of the diversion
  • You can utilize it in representation and scene mode
  • Can effectively spare your amusement
  • Twist your Nintendo diversions with a huge number of tricks
  • Save your diversion on Google Drive
  • Fast forward to expand the imitating of the application



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