With eRaider Account, TTU students and faculty can get the benefits they truly deserve!

With eRaider Account, TTU students and faculty can get the benefits they truly deserve!

If you want to get access to the internet on campus; or want to enroll in computing short courses, then eRaider account is the right account for you! You can also avail many other advantages like online training, download free software and even make a new website. With the help of this account, you can easily check your TechMail and it is your TTU electronic identification. You only need one username and password and with that you can access many great resources at TTU. Not only students, but also faculty can create this account and get many benefits out of it.

TTU stands for Texas tech University and the it was established in February, 1923 in Lubbock, Texas. The total number of academic staff in this university is 2,554 and the students that currently study in it are 36,551. The campus comprises of 1,839 acres of land and the Chancellor of TTU is Robert L. Duncan. This university hosts about 60 research centers, 13 colleges and institutes and offers degrees in more than 150 different areas of study through them. Since 1927, it has allotted 200,000 degrees to its students of which about 40,000 were professional and graduate degrees. Their motto is ‘From here, it’s possible’ which provides hope and courage to the students so they can work hard and attain their goals.

Step by Step Protocol for eRaider Login Account

If you want to create or open an eRaider Account without facing any problems, then follow the simple and easy steps that are present below.

  • Click open the webpage link from a device that connects to internet


  • Then click on ‘Manage your Account’ and enter your username and password if you already are using eRaider Account online.
  • In case you do not remember your username or password, then click on ‘Forgot Username?’ or ‘Forgot password?’. After a few steps, you will be able to retrieve your account.
  • If you do not have an account, then click on ‘Set-Up Account’. Enter your name, birth date and code. Then press ‘Confirm’ and you are good to go!


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