Top 5 Best Face Recognition Search Engines to Search Faces Online

Top 5 Best Face Recognition Search Engines to Search Faces Online

The Internet has brought about many advantages as well as disadvantages. We all are globally connected now, we can easily talk or see our loved ones living far away through the internet. We can get to know about the whereabouts and lifestyle of our loved ones, relatives, friends and even strangers through the social media platform. Hence, our lives have become more exposed now. People put up their pictures on social media and also all their data. This data and information are saved by the internet.

There are so many apps has been created that can take out all the information of a person through just a picture. Surprised? You will be more than surprised to know that there are many similar faced people like all over the world and you can actually search them. Yes, your twins!! There are many fascinating face recognition search engines created through which you can search people with similar or exact facial features as yours and you will be surprised by the results. I am sure you are now very keen to know more people like you, so we have compiled a list of the best face recognition search engines for your convenience. Go through the list and check these face recognition search engines to find your twin.

1. Google Face Search

This is one of the best and very well known face recognition search engines. Google is the top most search engine and stores a vast amount of data, so the search results it gives are mostly accurate and at the point. You just have to upload your picture and use the face recognition technology, it will present the most similar faces as with the picture uploaded. When you upload a picture and click select, you will be presented with similar options with respect to all aspects. To just search for similar faces, you need to type ‘&imgtype=face’ after uploading the picture in the search area and then press enter. This will give results with only the image as the focus and hence similar results will be presented. Also, you can go to settings and select ‘advanced image search option’ and select ‘Faces’, for further accurate results.

2. Pictriev


This is also a face recognition search engine which shows images of similarly faced celebrities. It is not a very recommendable website as it does not give very accurate results, but one can try it out for the sake of fun to see which celebrity he or she looks like.

3. BetafaceBetaface

This is also a very accurate face recognition search engine as it gives very precise results. However, it is a paid site so you can only try its demo version. This site is mostly used by media and business companies and even investigation companies. This search engine focuses on even the most minute details, once you upload the picture, it will ask you all the details regarding gender, age, hair, skin color, eye color, race, moustache, beard, lips, chin, nose shape, hair length and even more and will give you an image with the exact face. Even if you don’t have pictures, it also gives you the option of writing all the facial details of the person you want to search. It is mostly used to search for criminals.

4. Picwiserpicwiser

In this search engine, you will need to register first and make an account and give some details as well in order to search for similar faces. After that, it is free to use. It also uses advanced face search technology and searches for images from the huge internet database of images. This website is mostly used by the companies and web developers and they make sure that their logos or designs are not by anyone else on the internet, if the images are being used then they take a copy of it and report them to you.

5. Viewdleviewdle

This face recognition search engine gives you similarly faced people catching them from videos. It transforms the videos step by step and frame by frame to search for faces. In short, it gives out all the details of the people in the videos. At this point, the database of Viewdle is not very extensive and is limited to personalities and famous people only, so it is not possible to get very accurate results.

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