Save your time and direct interaction by knowing how to go straight to voice mail

In case you’re pitifully maintaining a strategic distance from contact with somebody. Or on the off chance that you have to get a message to somebody who is generally busy. You might need to sidestep the likelihood that the individual you’re ringing will pick the telephone. There are three unique strategies to go straightforwardly to someone else’s voice message. Utilize any of them to stay away from those unbalanced “I wish this would go to voice message” minutes. So get the solution to how to go straight to voice mail.

Learn how to go straight to voice mail by this article today and save your time and awkward moments.

What is a voice mail?


A voice mail is a PC based framework that enables clients and supporters to share individual voice messages. To choose and convey voice message; and to process exchanges identifying with people, associations, items and administrations, utilizing a normal phone. The term is additionally utilized all the more comprehensively to mean any arrangement of passing on a put away media communications. Most phone administrations offer voice mails as an essential component. Numerous corporate PBXs incorporate flexible inside voice-informing administrations. And *98 Vertical administration code membership is accessible to most individual and private company arrive line supporters.


Follow the steps below to learn how to go straight to voice mail?

If you have same network provider with the person you want to send the voice mail, then follow these steps.

  • Get access to your own voice mail account by entering your password
  • Then choose the option where you can get access to send the voice messages to other person’s voice mail box.
  • Enter the voice mail box number
  • Leave your message


If you want to send the voice mail to the person with another network then follow the steps given below

  • Download the Voice drop app
  • Use the app to dial the number of the person you want to call
  • Leave a message


Use any of these solutions. That is how to go straight to voice mail solution is for you. It is simple, fast and easy.

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