How to Lose Face Fat Fast| 7 Natural Tips and Exercises with Video and Pictures


How to lose face fat? How to get rid of double chin and chubby cheeks? Even after losing weight, one can still in search of the answer of this question. One can retain a chubby face even after losing pounds. There are also people who are skinny to begin with, but have a double chin, plump cheeks, or both. Many individuals are understandably uncomfortable with the way they look and can get frustrated when their face makes a haircut or clothes look unflattering.

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Of course, one can always go for surgical procedures to directly remove face fat. However, this option is absolutely not recommended, as surgeries can have harmful side effects, and one’s face can end up looking worse that it did. You might even wish you had never gone under the knife to get a new face.

Luckily, there are some tips and tricks to slim down your face that don’t involve cutting it open. They have been listed and discussed below. Read on to learn how to lose face fat in order to achieve the face of your dreams, and feel all the better for it.

1. Eating a Healthy Diet:

If you are generally overweight, or have excess fat in other parts of your body, changing your eating habits can benefit you greatly. Cut down on unhealthy carbohydrates, processed foods, and sugar. You will soon see the fat melting off your body, and hopefully your face as well.

Consuming fewer calories would also result in your body burning up the fat stored in your body. Be careful not to starve yourself though, as this can actually make the body start storing fat, thinking that you need it. Cut out dessert, or replace it with a healthy alternative, like a bit of dark chocolate or ice cream made with frozen bananas.

Eating the right foods would help you to lose weight from all over your body. This is the best remedy for face fat if it is not too stubborn or genetic. As an added bonus, you would probably feel light and fresh, and a whole lot healthier as well!

2. Keep Yourself Hydrated:

Drinking enough water is very important for flushing out the toxins in your body, and also one of the keys to successful weight loss. What most people don’t know is that drinking a proper amount of water also reduces bloating, especially when it comes to the face.

Of course, one must drink an adequate amount of water as drinking excessive amount of water can cause other problems. Water might be the answer to how to lose face fat, but it shouldn’t be overdone.

3. Eat Salmon:

Those confused about how to lose face fat could try eating salmon more frequently. It may seem strange, but eating some salmon is quite a popular way for making one’s face to seem slimmer than it was, almost the same day. So be sure to include at least a few servings of fish per week in your diet, and try to get salmon. Almonds, broccoli, and spinach have been proven to have similar effects.

4. Avoid the Wrong Foods:

Sugar and salt are the main enemies of a slender face and body. Limiting their intake would result in a slimmer face in next to no time, in addition to boosting your health and immunity. Once this is done, you would no longer have to worry about how to lose face fat.

5. Get Your Tests Done:

Hormone imbalances and other inner body problems could also be the cause of a bloated face. The problem then is not how to lose face fat, but how to balance this system.

One should get their blood work done on a regular basis to rule out any hormonal or thyroid problems.  While you’re at it, get a test to determine whether you’re lactose or gluten intolerant. Such allergies could also swell the face regardless of excess fat. Irritable bowel syndrome and gastrointestinal disorder are also not uncommon causes of a full face.

6. Facial Exercises:

Those who are worried about how to lose face fat should consider exercising their face. Facial exercises are extremely effective in slimming down the face and surprisingly very easy to do. The following video link can help you to find many exercises and can be customized to target specific chubby areas. The way these exercises work is by strengthening and toning the face muscles resulting in a slimmer, tighter face.

Facial exercises can even help in tightening saggy skin on the face, which can occur as one grows older or when face fat is lost too quickly, leaving excess skin behind. After worrying about how to lose face fat, you don’t want another problem on your plate.

One exercise often quoted on the Web is the cheek puff. This involves filling your cheeks with air and pushing the air back and forth between the cheeks. Another one is the smile exercise, which basically involves a clenched grin, preferably while looking at the ceiling.

There are several more exercises that consist of puckering up your cheeks, lips, or opening your mouth wide. These exercises should be done several times a day once you have done your research and are satisfied about which ones would be the most beneficial for you. Simply click the link and find the answer to the question “how to lose face fat exercises”.

7. General Exercises:

Upping your exercise routine, or actually making time for one, is an excellent natural way to boost your metabolism. This would help in improving your digestive system as well as promoting weight loss. Overall, an improvement in health and facial features would also be seen.

Now, exercise doesn’t have to be solely at a gym, with dumbbells, treadmills, and other equipments. It could just mean going for a brisk walk for about 30-45 minutes every day. There are several other YouTube videos that could help you to incorporate a light to medium workout right at home every single day. You can also check out Leslie Sansone’s walks on YouTube, which are specially designed to be completed at home.

Exercise would be of great help in boosting your metabolism and leading you to a slimmer face. It may even be helpful in defining your cheekbones. A sculpted face is one of the many reasons why people ask how to lose face fat.

One fact to keep in mind is that while exercise might make you hungrier than usual, that doesn’t mean you can treat yourself with junk food every single day. Remember that weight loss is more about diet than exercise. Nevertheless, if you are really experiencing weakness and hunger after adopting an effective exercise routine, you can look up recipes for energizing smoothies and shakes. You can also consume foods such as dates, almonds, eggs, bananas, nuts, and other items that are loaded with energy and nutrients.


At the end of the day, what matters is that you should be comfortable with yourself and proud of what you have. Don’t focus too much on what you believe are imperfections, but learn to love yourself. Believe it or not, relaxing is also a great way to lose fat, as you won’t be stress eating! In any case, trying to get a slimmer face is not a difficult task. Follow the tips above and you would hopefully be enjoying a sculpted face very soon!

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