How to use Snapchat ghost Emoji: Complete Guide of Snapchat Ghosts


In the age of rapidly developing technology and social media to keep us connected at quite literally all times, it is not a surprise that the app Snapchat has come up with a feature called “Snap Maps”. This feature enables a setting in your phone that allows your location to b pin dropped on to other people’s maps. That means no matter where you are, if this setting is activated, your friends and family will always know where to find you by following the directions that lead to your location without any problems, making it easier for a lot of people to stay connected without even having to inform their friends of where they’ll be.

The great thing about this feature is that this never allows location sharing to occur when Snapchat is closed. This means that if your app isn’t switched on, your location cannot be shared by background apps to ensure safety. There are multiple modes to choose from when activating your settings for this feature. This article will help navigate you through the first time you’re setting it up:


Ghost Mode:

This allows you to disable this feature completely, whether you want it that way permanently or temporarily is up to you. To activate this pinch your screen when you open Snapchat. This will take you to Snap Maps, where you can click on the gears signifying settings on the top right of the screen. It’ll give you the option of “Ghost Mode” where you can choose to activate it temporarily for a set period of time or you can permanently leave it that way.

Select Friends:

This feature allows you to share your location with a group of your friends that you choose to share your location with. Your friends won’t be notified if you choose to add them to the list, but they will be able to access your location if they want to. You do have added people to your friend list if you want to grant them the permission to access your location, however.

My Friends:

This option gives access to all your friends on the list and even the ones you might want to add in the future. Snapchat consults you every now and then to make sure you are comfortable with this if, at any point you are not, you can always disable this option and only choose a group of friends you are comfortable with or choose not to share it with anyone at all.

Your privacy and safety should be your first concern at all points. If there are contacts in your phone and on your friend list you are uncomfortable or not fully comfortable with yet, choose the option that suits you best in times like these.

If you have children who are minors and underage and they use apps like Snapchat, it would be wise to monitor their use of the app to ensure no strangers are able to track your child’s location and movements. This is for their own safety, so be sure to sit down and talk to your children about the risks of exposing their location on platforms like Snapchat to get them to understand your point of view also. Once you talk to child and get them to understand what you’re afraid might happen, they will probably be willing to let you monitor more of their actions, and to keep their location restricted to only a close group of friends, until they are much older and can choose to do what they wish to with features like these in the future.


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