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There’s no point in having an Instagram account if people aren’t pouring in likes, nor if you have barely any followers. Some people might be looking into advertising a business on the social media app, while others might be blogging. And there are always those who love themselves dearly and want people to acknowledge them too. All three parties need likes! There’s always a shortcut to everything and Instagram followers apps are yours. Here are some of the top apps that bring you likes as well as followers:

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1.Boostgram: this app lets you decide your target audience, gender preferences, location targeting, multiple account management and scheduled posts among other options. This paves the way to masses of new individuals following, sending likes, and networking with your account.

2.Freelike4like: as the name itself indicates you’ll earn yourself a following only by interacting with other accounts. The more accounts you follow, the more coins you earn which will in turn add to your own followers.

3.Crowdfire: Not all of you shall be willing to have fake followers swarming all around you. For those who want a clean slate, this app brings you engaging content and other tricks up your sleeve to help gain followers in a natural way.

4.FameBoom: this one’s on top of the charts for being genuine as well as successful. It increases the followers as well as likes so well that it has earned itself more than 5 million downloads.

5.Hypez: This app will give you the followers you need but you’ll have to pay for them. If you’re willing to start off a business or make your portfolio this way; you can think about it as a healthy investment.

6.Instazood: Instagram followers apps might be super cool but what’s even better in this one is the customer support. If you find yourself in a fix, they’ll respond swiftly and clear your issue patiently.

7.Real followers pro: this one uses a simple trick; helps you generate intriguing and popular hashtags to allure people to your account!

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