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If you own a thriving business or you’re a blogger looking to make big, you definitely yearn endorsement. Social media has made life easier, yet it has become a combat zone for potential businesses and bloggers who are constantly looking to get ahead of their rivals with likes, follow request, reposts, and shares! But the biggest win of all is verification. Getting an Instagram verified emoji can make or break your account!

What’s verification?

It’s something as teeny tiny as a blue tick next to the name of your account but is extremely worthwhile. It means that Instagram has certified you as the official account, and all others are merely fan pages or fake accounts. This puts you one step ahead of competitors because customers/readers will be intrigued by you because you’re ‘real’. Obviously, there’s a catch. Not everyone can claim verification and not everyone can succeed in it.

How to gain verification?

Instagram verified emoji isn’t a piece of cake that’ll be presented to you. You’ll have to earn it.

  1. Make sure you have a fan following not only on Instagram but adjacent accounts like YouTube and Facebook, which you can link to Instagram for added ratification. Also make sure to post engaging content frequently, all adorned with ‘popular’ hashtags and hot topics.
  2. Try claiming that you’re at high risk of being impersonated. Since this is a huge problem for celebs, it can also help you in gaining verification. This does not, in any case, mean that you start creating your own fake profiles. You’ll be caught in an instant.
  3. Stay active on your account, but do not go overboard. Posting way too much, or putting up silly content will do more harm than good.

How to place a request?

 Instagram does declare that the Instagram verified emoji can neither be requested nor bought, however there are ways. Get in touch with companies who can countersign you, and already have helped verify accounts. Similarly, leave messages and requests to Instagram so that they might consider your request. It’s a game of sheer luck if you ask us!

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