Minimum Wage Florida | Get Boost from 1st January, 2017


Is there any good news for the employees working in Florida? Is it true that the minimum wage Florida get the nominal boost from 1st January 2017. Florida is an American state that is situated at the farthest South-Eastern part of the country and between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. It can be called the city of beaches as it has hundreds of miles of beaches. The city called Miami is known for its nightlife and beautiful scenery.

Florida is considered one of the lowest income states of the USA where per hour wages for the last two years have been stuck at 8.5$ an hour. Looking at the expenses incurred in an average household, the rate of minimum wage is not enough at all. Recently the news has been circulating in the media that the rate of minimum wage Florida of employees working in the state is increasing after two years gap.


Employees Response to 5 Cent Boost Per Hour

When the new minimum wage Florida was announced, it was just a kind of joke for the employees as it was just a boost of 5 cents an hour and a person who works 8 hours a day will get only 40 cents extra by the end of the day. According to the most of the people working in Florida, such a nominal increase won’t do them any good. On the 30th of September each year the minimum wage Florida are recalculated and according to the system used for the calculation of minimum daily wages the consumer price index and the minimum wage should align.

Though the employees in Florida are getting the minimum wages that is more than 7.25$ that is paid to the employees in the federal area they do not seem to be happy at all. According to employees there are many big names in the state who have already increased their minimum wage Florida up to 16$ in the start.

Employer’s Reaction to the Increase in Minimum Wage

According to the sources, the employers were very upset about this nominal raise in the minimum per hour income in Florida as they think that they are already paying more than they could afford. Majority of the employers find it unfair with them but on the other hand there are some restaurant owners who have already been paying their entry level employees 16 $ an hour as minimum wage Florida and have increased it even further. The people who are paying the handsome amount as minimum wage include Jaxson’s Ice cream parlor situated at Dania Beach and Caffe Luna Rosa situated at Delray Beach. Both these places raised their minimum wage to 10.10$ an hour.

Some of the labor groups have been advocating for 15$ set as minimum wage Florida. Seiu is a union that represents health care services, public employees and many other parts of public. According to them, it may help get rid of poverty from the state; they think that the minimum wages are so low that employees are forced to seek public help for their daily needs. But according to the authorities, it is not practical to increase the minimum wage Florida to 15 $.

Concerns of Customers

The customers feel concerned about the added price they will have to pay in order to align with the minimum wage. These worries were removed by a representatives of local businesses of Florida that even if they had to pay more it will be very little amount.

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