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Social media lovers spent most of their time on Facebook; making friends, chatting with existing contacts, sharing videos and pictures, putting up a status, liking posts and what not. Then came Instagram; the application of the growing world where rules were quite different as compared to other social media platforms. But today, social media is focused on the new application Snapchat. Why? Because it’s easy to use. There’s no need to get into a serious conversation and the code for communication is based on sharing media more. Even the emoji on Snapchat have different meanings. And if you are new and you wish to figure out these Snapchat ghost meanings and become a professional, you have come to just the right place!

Snapchat As An Application

Before we get into the detailed dissection of Snapchat ghost meanings, let’s briefly introduce the star of the show; Snapchat. This multimedia application began trending among social media users because it allows users to communicate with each other using ten-second videos and images. You can control who gets to see your Snap stories and you do not have to worry about anyone saving your media messages. The new update of Snapchat also allows users to send instant messages, make video calls, and so on.

Snapchat Ghost Meanings

Snapchat wishes to make everything convenient and fun for its users. Which is why you have several normal emoji icons to add to your text, pictures, and videos. You also have stickers, filters and so on. But there’s one mystery that gets hard to solve; the white ghost emojis on Snapchat. But here we’re just about to decipher them and find out what they mean.

The solution to your most annoying confusions is finally here! In the following section of this article, we are going to be teaching you about the popular Snapchat ghost meanings, typically of the white colored Snapchat ghost icons.

1. The Smiling Face Ghost Emoji With Heart-Shaped Eyes

This ghost icon on Snapchat is similar to the yellow smiley emoji with heart-shaped eyes that you see on your normal emoji keyboard. While the outline is different, the meaning is quite alike. This ghost icon portrays a manifestation of affection. That means that the person you are in touch with on Snapchat adores you or likes you more than usual.

2. Snapchat Ghost With A Peace Sign And A Star

This Snapchat ghost meaning is slightly different than the first one. When you see this white Snapchat ghost, you can safely assume that your Snapchat buddy thinks of you as one enthusiastic individual. The peace sign also expresses optimism by your fellow.

3. White Ghost With A Blue Bubblegum:

If you see this Snapchat ghost, the meaning will probably make you feel a little blue too. When this icon appears next to your Snapchat friend in the application, the meaning is quite unlike what we previously discussed. The icon simply means that your friend might be sleepy or too bored. You can safely assume that you must have sent too many snaps to them or the opposite!

4. Snapchat White Ghost IDK

Here the meaning of the Snapchat ghost is quite literal. It typically showcases the “I don’t know” expression. An example of a situation in which you may receive it is; when things get awkward between the two of you (we’re only assuming!).

5. The Joyful Snapchat White Ghost

Relax here! This Snapchat icon is only encouraging you. Here your Snap buddy is probably showing appreciation towards you. It simply means your friend is happy to receive messages from you and finds them adorable!

6. Snapchat Ghost with A Glass On One Eye

If you see this white ghost icon by chance, you can be sure that the person on the other end is displaying curiosity. This expression can mainly be a cause of one very common thought; The person is anticipating that you will add them as a friend on Snapchat after seeing their request.

7. The Snapchat Black Ghost Icon

Get your tissues ready now because the meaning of this Snapchat ghost expression might make you sad. This portrays that the person you are looking for has either deleted their account or are no longer using it! Hopefully, you can catch up with them at some other platform.

8. Snapchat Ghost Icon With A Rock On Expression

This little ghost is proof that Snapchat is truly a social media application where you will never get bored! If you ever come across a Rock On! Snapchat ghost, you can chuckle a little. It can be translated as a sign that encourages being cool. It can also mean that the two of you are a hit on Snapchat. Any meaning you land on, it’s safe to say that its positive.

9. White Laughing Ghost With Tears

This is one of those very typical icons that means that your friend is laughing so hard that their eyes are teary. You can assume you did a good job at being funny!

10. Snapchat Ghost With An Angry Face

What do you make of a tiny white ghost with a scowling face, inner facing eyebrows, irritated expression, and an infuriating face? If you guessed the other person is angry, you get a 100 points!

11. Shocked Expression Ghost

You can think of yourself a Snapchat professional if you see this ghost icon. It simply means one thing; you have utterly shocked the other person. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad one, that depends on the content you share (no judgment!).

12. Crying Snapchat White Ghost

You sure should wish you don’t see this Snapchat ghost if you care of the person on the other end. You might have made them cry and emotional by overlooking their snaps or not replying to them!

13. Surprised Expression Snapchat Ghost

Lastly, this Snapchat icon is your trophy that proves that you have achieved the goal of surprising and amusing the person on the other end!

There are plenty of other white Snapchat ghost icons with different Snapchat ghost meanings. But, we are sure that after learning these you will be able to pick on them quite easily!


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