Swype Keyboard with Emojis Lets You Express Yourself Better

Swype Keyboard with Emojis Lets You Express Yourself Better

How do you express what you’re feeling while talking to someone over text messages? Do you explain your emotions with every text, that you’re “happy” or “excited” or “being silly”? Or do you simply let the other person guess your emotions? Neither of these, right? Because you have emojis to show your emotions for you. The use of emojis has grown quickly over the years; it is far easier to simply send a laughing emoji than explain how funny the other person’s joke was. Emojis have made conversations quicker and easier to not only send, but also understand. And when you want the best collection of emojis, you look to Swype Keyboard with Emojis.

Swype Keyboard with Emojis is a product originally developed by Swype Inc, which was founded back in 2002. However, it was acquired by Nuance Communications in 2011, who is now developing the virtual keyboard used for both touchscreen smartphones, and tablets. The Swype Keyboard was initially released in 2013, with the latest stable release coming out in November of 2014. It is currently supports over 50 languages and all major operating systems. The Swype Keyboard with Emojis in particular is available mainly for Android systems.


If you want to express yourself better while texting with your friends or family, then you need to get the Swype Keyboard with Emojis as well. Wondering how you can do that? Simply visit the Swype website at www.swype.com and click “GET SWYPE” at the top of the page. Now, you can either scroll down to the operating system you use and click the link to that system’s store, or you can simply click on the OS link from the options given under “Get Swype on Your Device”. This too will take you to the link to the system’s store where you can then download the Swype Keyboard and install it on your phone or tablet.

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