Tcaps Cloud is Your Access into the Traverse City Area Public Schools

Tcaps Cloud is Your Access into the Traverse City Area Public Schools

What is the one goal of our schools and educational institutes? To hone the minds of the next generation and make sure the students leave the premises with not only knowledge but also the wisdom to use that knowledge. However, our teachers and administrators are often burdened with other everyday operations that take time away from this very goal. This is where administration tools and software comes in; tools that allow teachers and administrators to streamline their operations so they have more time for their students. These tools often also allow the parents and students to access information, such as grades and discipline records, so they may save their own time as well. One such tool is the Tcaps Cloud.

Tcaps Cloud is a cloud-based service offered to the students, parents, and teachers of the Traverse City Area Public Schools. A public school district, Traverse City Area Public Schools or Tcaps is based in Traverse City, Michigan. The district includes fourteen elementary schools, two middle and three high schools, one Montessori school, and one international school. Tcaps Cloud makes these schools more accessible through the Tcaps Cloud; making the lives of everyone in the school district easier.

So, are you a student, parent of a student, teacher or administrator at one of the Traverse City Area Public Schools? Then, you can access your Tcaps Cloud account by visiting the login page. The first thing you must do is click from your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device. Then, enter your Username in the first field, followed by the Password in the second field. Next, click the blue “Log In” button to proceed to your Tcaps account. If you have forgotten your Tcaps password, you can also click the “Reset Password” link to reset your password and regain access to your account.

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