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Thinking up Instagram bio quotes isn’t easy as ABC. You’ve got to think up of something precise that fits in the spot easily, yet is catchy enough to attract attention. While some of you might be looking for something super cute like your personality, others might be interested in a more sassy approach according to their disposition. Making the task simple for you; here are some of the best quotes you can find:

1. Cute quotes:

These bio quotes will bring out your adorable nature. Perfect for girls who love being feminine, and are not afraid to flaunt their girly touch.

A girl should be like a butterfly. Sweet to see, difficult to win.

Girls are like abstract pictures. Even though you can’t comprehend them, they’re still stunning.

When you’re frazzled, you eat ice cream, cake, chocolate, and candies.

Wherever I go and whenever I go, I just want to spread glittering glee everywhere.

Beauty only gets noticed, but nature attracts the heart.

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2. Sassy quotes:

These Instagram bio quotes work well for girls who go about with a little swag up their walk. They mean business and are fierce in whatever they do.

I like my coffee how I like myself; dark, bitter and too hot for you.

You’re not gonna tell me who I am. I’m gonna tell you who I am.

If you follow all the rules, you miss all the pleasure.

I’d rather perish my way than live yours.

I’m egocentric, edgy, and a tad apprehensive.

Unless they paying your bills pay them losers no heed.


3. Motivational quotes:

Perfect Instagram bio quotes for girls who see the best in everything and are devoted to living life positively.

Until I saw this, I didn’t know what gorgeous meant

We’re each accountable for the splendor we carry inside.

Only a teen, but she walks the streets so mean. It’s startling, truly, how enchanting she can be.

Each day, I get a chance to learn something fresh.

I’m here for a fun time, not a lengthy time.

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