Ubuntu Docker Makes Your Operating System Better Than Ever Before

Ubuntu Docker Makes Your Operating System Better Than Ever Before

What is the one device you spend most of your day on? Sure, you make calls and text people via your phone, but when you need to work, or spend some quality time relaxing while binge-watching, what do you rely on? Your computer or your laptop, right? And what makes that computer work? The computer’s OS or operating system. The system that makes your computer what it is; your computer’s soul and essentially its personality, because each operating system comes with its own unique qualities and quirks. One popular operating system is Ubuntu.

An open source operating system software, Ubuntu is one of Linux’s distribution systems and based on the Debian architecture. Initially released in 2004, it is developed by Canonical Ltd. and the Ubuntu community. However, not everyone is satisfied with just one operating system in their computers, even if it is Ubuntu. Sometime, you need more than one system in the same device to do everything you wish to do; for example, through Docker, a software developed by Docker, Inc. and released in 2013. Docker provides users with containers, which are operating-system-level virtualization. These allow multiple, isolated instances of user-space. Docker Ubuntu specifically caters to this need for Ubuntu users.

So, if you want Ubuntu Docker, you need to visit the Docker website at www.docker.com. Here, hover your pointer over the “Get Docker” link and click on the “Ubuntu” option. On the next page, click either “Get CE from Docker Store” or “Get EE from Docker Store” depending on which you want to use. CE is the Community Edition and free to download, while EE is the Enterprise Edition and includes various subscription plans. Download the Docker edition you want and install it to use the tool whenever needed. You can also create your own account to make the Docker usage easier, by clicking on the “Create Docker ID” on the main page and following the instructions. If you alreay have an ID, you can sign in by clicking the “Sign In” link in the upper, right corner of the main page.

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