Water Diet Plan to Detox Body and Lose Weight Fast


The Ins and Outs of the Water Diet Plan

In order to lose pounds fast and lead a healthier life, there are several diet programs and regimens. Unfortunately, not all plans work for all people. As with the Water Diet Plan, one never knows which system would work for them unless they’ve tried it out. Luckily, however, the Water Diet Plan seems relatively safe and easy to try out, as it is a simple detoxification system that doesn’t require any questionable supplements or tough exercise routines.

What the Water Diet Means:


The Water Diet Plan entails the user consuming at least two liters of water every day. This simple practice has a diuretic and beneficial effect on your body overall. It naturally detoxifies the body and improves blood circulation into the bargain.

The water consumption is paired with a decent exercise program as well as healthy eating so that a fast metabolism is achieved. This increases one’s chances of losing the excess weight and achieving a better lifestyle in a healthy manner, instead of taking quick shortcuts that could further deteriorate health.

The effectiveness of Water Diet Plan to Lose Pounds:


Basically, the only strict rule within the Water Diet Plan is to drink two liters of plain room temperature water, unlike the hot water or cold water diet, or drinking ginger tea.

The best results are said to be achieved when up to 4% of one’s body weight in water is consumed. It is recommended, however, that not all or most of the water is drunk in one sitting. The water should be consumed in proper amounts throughout the day in order to achieve the goal of losing pounds.You could also use a waist-training corset to be paired up with your diet. This is used to make the waist smaller by compressing the stomach and squeezing the fat cells. Getwaisted.co here offers an array of corset collections that you’ll love

Best Times for Water Consumption:

The drinking patterns of the Water Diet Plan followers greatly affect the ability of this program to help them lose weight and keep it off. The best times for drinking water are usually just after waking up, and before meals. Around 200 ml should be drunk at these times.

Other than these specific times, the two-liter goal shouldn’t be hard to achieve if one works it into their day at frequent intervals. However, water after meals should be avoided for at least an hour, as it leads to swelling and weight gain. In any case, too much water should never be consumed at once.

Soft or Hard Water:

Since a lot more water is being consumed than usual, it is highly recommended that water with chlorine be avoided when following the Water Diet Plan. Chlorine can be found in most tap waters. It might be worthwhile to enquire into the kind of tap water being provided at the place one resides in. If the tap water is found to be of high quality and not containing much chlorine, then the followers of this diet plan can freely drink away.

However, if the tap water supply is not pure or healthy when consumed in large quantities, it might be wise to invest in a distiller. This is one way to clean the tap water, ensuring that you always have a ready supply. This would actually be cheaper in the long run than relying on bottled water alone.

Soft water is water that has been run through a water softener. It contains fewer minerals than hard water. It may surprise some to know that the Water Diet Plan actually encourages drinking hard water that contains a lot of minerals. This is because the mineral-rich water has a more filling effect than that of soft water. This not only detoxifies the body, it also curbs appetite. This prevents overeating, which is probably what led to the excess weight in the first place.

On the other hand, soft water is more readily available in some countries like Japan. Most people prefer soft water, especially when following this plan, as it is easier to get down. Thus, Water Diet Plan followers find it much easier to achieve the 2-litre mark when they’re consuming soft water. This might result in soft water being more used, and that’s not really a bad thing. The Water Diet Plan focuses on consuming the right amount of water at the end of the day.

How the Water Diet Changes the Weight Loss Game:

The most important fact in the Water Diet Plan is that water has no calories, so upping one’s consumption shouldn’t have any leftover calories that later on turn into fat. Additionally, consuming more water leads to a higher metabolism and a natural detoxification. Problems like constipation and overeating are also done away with when one consumes more water per day than usual.

Body cells use water the whole time, so properly hydrating the body leads to an increased metabolism rate, as well as enhancing the blood circulation system and a good lymph flow. A proper metabolism would make it harder for your body to put on weight.

Drinking water after waking up not only prevents constipation but will also help the body recover from the lack of water that can happen during sleep. This stimulates the stomach and promotes a healthy digestive system.

Drinking water before starting a meal would definitely prevent overeating and gluttony. This is because the water partially fills the stomach. Thus, one can see that there are several unique health benefits to take advantage of when following the Water Diet Plan.


A Warning: Watching sodium intake when following the Water Diet Plan:

Drinking a large amount of water sometimes has the effect of causing low sodium content in the blood, a condition also known as hyponatremia. This can lead to a dangerous case of water poisoning. To prevent this from occurring, followers of this diet plan would have to purposely increase their sodium intake in order to balance the effect of excess water in their systems.

The Water Diet Plan should be supplemented with a daily sodium intake of around 6 to 10 grams each day. Taking in enough salt in one’s diet is most important when following this plan during the long, hot, summer weather. This is because sweating is unavoidable in hot summers, and a lot of water is needed to replace the lost fluids.

Increased sodium consumption can lead to leg swelling, so enough potassium should also be consumed to combat this effect. Light exercise is also recommended to prevent any worrisome side effects while following this diet plan.


The Water Diet Plan seems to be an easy-to-follow means towards achieving effective weight loss. While the trips to the bathroom may become more frequent, it’s a natural way of detoxifying the body that does it no harm. Setting a daily goal for water consumption may also cause stress, which is a negative factor, but thinking positive and not pushing too hard is the key to any successful weight loss program. All in all, the Water Diet Plan is a program that could easily help one to lose pounds in a cheap, effective, and healthy manner.


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