Weed Farm Game | Virtual Online Android App on Google Play

Weed Farm Game | Virtual Online Android App on Google Play

This is a very popular game, which is both android and iOS supported. This weed farm game is played online. In this game, you will have to grow your own marijuana plants and warehouse. You will be role-playing as Ted, who starts to grow and sell weed in a small closet of a room and grows it into a huge warehouse.

Grow on the move

This is a virtual online app which is even supported by your mobile phone. So, whether you are getting bored at the office or stuck in traffic, you can grow your own marijuana plants. The weed farm game is not only a virtual game but it is an online community of more than 100,000 members, which will be playing with you. You have to take care of the plants from seed to harvest. Initially, you will have to start with one plant, but gradually, you will succeed by selling your weed and purchasing more plants. You will have to watch each stage of plant growth yourself. Then you will have to select the best fertilizers, light, water supply and the growing medium. There will be challenges and other obstructions in the game which you will have to face and win and build the biggest weed selling warehouse. You will have to purchase high-quality machines and then gradually shift to a bigger place and employ more people to help you.


Features of the weed farm game

There are many features of the weed farm game. The features are listed below.

  • There are not just 5 or 10 varieties of weed to grow, but there are 30 different varieties of weed to grow and harvest in this virtual online game.
  • You do not only grow and harvest, but you will also have to sell the grown weeds and collect unique ones.
  • You will need to manage the whole of the planting; from planting the seed in the soil to taking care of its needs such as water, sunlight and a growing medium; and from sprouting its first root till its harvest. You will also need to supply it the specialized growing areas for the maximum interaction of the plants.
  • You will have to fight off bugs, insects, and fungus of the plants while making sure the plant is well hydrated and has all the necessary nutrients and is not facing any sort of deficiency.
  • You will have to earn money and learn new and optimized skills for how to grow and harvest difficult types of weeds and earn maximum points and status.
  • You will have to polish and buff up the plants using good quality fertilizers and insecticides, and also keep track of regularly watering your plants and also transporting it to other growing mediums.
  • Weed farm game is an online virtual platform where you will be playing with and against other members. It is a competitive game where you and other members will receive awards such as the wealthiest grown, or the award of the most planted weeds, or the best warehouse, the most skilled growers and the most harvested yield. All these awards will be shown in the leaderboard. You can also interact and have a live chat with the other members. You can share tips, ideas and suggestions and also give and take help.
  • It is a fully online platform where the servers are working day and night and keeping track of your whole game so that none of your game data is lost.
  • You will even need to customize your store and warehouse and attract more customers and increase weed selling.
  • For getting more customers, you will also need to smoke weed with the regular weed addicts and invite them in your warehouse.

So, what are you waiting for? This fun weed farm game is waiting for your download. Just click download on your android or iOS and have fun building the biggest weed producing warehouse.


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